zaterdag 14 april 2012

spending your teenage years drinking tea

There isn't really much going on these days, damn, I used to have a really impressing life. You know, where I live is really nothing to do, and when I'm not with my friends I feel bored like crazy. Fortunately I move to the city again next year, it's where I actually grew up, so, yes, when I think of that I'm the happiest person on earth. I really enjoy walking through cities, they give you the feeling you could handle everything, especially Amsterdam. Oh my god, I love Amsterdam's atmosphere, it's such a magnificent feeling you can't describe. Only people who have been there know what I mean, otherwise it sounds quite ridiculous. In short: I'll be happy to leave this sad, empty town next year.
Anyway, you surely recognize it when I tell you about the short eye-contact you make with some strangers you see. You meet their eyes for just two seconds and after that you forget them. I wonder what they think when they look at me, I'd like to know if what they think is positive or negative. But naturally things like these I will never find out perhaps. 

PS. Polaroids are from Venice I visited last summer. I love that city and my camera.
PPS. I will soon post an outfit post. That would definitely be more interesting to see.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. don't worry, we all have those times where just nothing fun is going on! but i'm sure things will change soon!

    xo kaitlin

  2. looking goooooood! (:

  3. ik begrijp hou je voel...nog een jaar :)

  4. Dankjewel! Jij heb ook een leuke blog ! Ik hoop dat de opleiding me zal gaan bevallen ... zit nou niet direct op een studie schuld te wachten !