donderdag 19 april 2012

another rainy day

OK, I've been patiently waiting for the sun to shine in Holland, but it refuses to come over and say hello. Anyway, the day after tomorrow I'll go to Leiden again to stay there for a week, so I'm not going to blog much, I'm in a very uninspired phase, very very very very uninspired, sorry. I hope it will float away after I visited the city 'cause my nostalgia is nearly always the case of these unexcitenesses. I don't have any cravings besides for seeing interesting people and buildings there. Therefor I can't wait to live in my hometown. I have been writing these days, writing anything I think of, I literally lay down on my bed with a pen in my right hand and paper in the left, waiting for something good to come up in my mind. Whatever, my head is actually a mess all the time.

short: h&m
tights: primark
blouse: new look

14 opmerkingen:

  1. These photographs are so lovely and romantic...I always look forward to your blog posts!

  2. Really liking your outfit, so cute and simple!<3
    Newest follower :)

  3. These shorts are adorable! I've been looking for new shorts! Even if you arn't inspired you're inspiring me with your wonderful outfits!


  4. hey girl, thanks so much for stopping by fashion birthmark and for the sweet comment and follow, it made my day :)
    i'm sorry you've been so uninspired lately, i hate getting in those slumps when you just want to lay in your bed all day and do nothing haha i know how you feel! but going to the city will be awesome, i bet you'll get a lot of inspiration there from the people and buildings and everything!!
    and i really like your outfit, those shorts are perfect and i love the tights! :):)

  5. Aw, it's too bad you've been feeling uninspired. Keep wearing such pretty tights and maybe that will help you feel better!

  6. I really love those tights! :) You look beautiful.


  7. Bedankt voor je lieve comment! Heb je helemaal gelijk in. Vind die items ook altijd leuker dan wanneer het gekocht is, het is gewoon unieker. Jou blog is ook super leuk en daarom ga ik je vanaf nu ook volgen! Leuke short trouwens, love it! Liefs.

  8. Love the shorts and tights

  9. oh yeah i also have those days, where anything i do doesn't feel quite right or gives me the sense of fulling, i call those crappy days, usually matches my exams days at uni:P
    Enjoy your trip, rest, have fun and ease out your mind, I'm sure u'll be back at full swing!;D
    continue writing whatever comes to mind, i do, and sometimes during middle school i would re-read them and use them for my asses;D or usually they would make me laugh at my nonsense:D

  10. Still posting beautiful pictures I see! Keep it up! We're all still reading! :)

  11. I lovee your tights! Your photos are so lovely x