The girl on the picture above is called Caroline, she's from Holland and is 16 years old. I don't know her very well, although I met her 16 years ago. Mostly I don't understand a single word she says. Sometimes I notice she's livin' in her own world. She romanticizes every single thing in the entire world, perhaps that's a bad habit. She is waiting for 'perfect' persons to meet her, absolutely convinced they exist, but I think that's ridiculous. It strikes me that she never ever wears any jeans or trousers, but instead only dresses and skirts, that's also a part of the 'romanticizing-thingy', perhaps. She always always always polish her nails burgundy-red, when not, she says her hands feel naked, uhu, weird, I know. Oh, and when she feels a bit down, just give her a caramel-coffee, she'll appreciate that.